In-line processes have multiple machines which may inherently have short stoppages. Some
processes are adversely affected if the glass flow is not consistent. The only solution is to place
a buffer between the machines, to accumulate or release parts, and compensate for the
variations in flow.

GLASSLINE offers PIT-FREE accumulators in three styles:
• 12 - 15 pieces (GHS 270)
• 45 - 50 pieces (GHS 273)
• 90 pieces (GHS 275)

The actual capacity depends also on the height of the conveying line.
The lifting mechanism can consist of rack and pinion, screw or double chain, according to the difference
between the maximum and the minimum glass size.
Horizontal rods form the individual storage units and pass through the flow of product on the conveyor.
The rods pick up or release a glass part every time the cycle requires one. The rod
assemblies, which move up or down, are constantly monitored

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