Roll Coater

The machine has the following features:

  • 40” wide coating roll
  • Pinch Roller set with precision height adjustment of top roller with mechanical counter
  • Entry side chrome product roller with precision adjustment of gap with mechanical counter
  • Roller end dams, spring loaded
  • Front and side electrically interlocked guards
  • Top side open for product introduction
  • Plastic drip pan
  • Approximately 48” long entry conveyor
  • Two (2) additional exit rollers
  • Roller Centers at 12”
  • Pinch Roll Diameter: 6.5” diameter
  • Pinch Roll Hardness: 50 ShoreA
  • Drive Panel to start and stop machine
  • Speed: adjustable Max speed = 100 inches/min
  • Glass Thickness:
  • Air Consumption: 25 cfm for 2 cycles per minute if lifting option is ordered
  • 440 V AC, 60 Hz, 3 Phases
  • Control: 24 VDC
  • Does not include a PLC unless requested

Customer is responsible for integrating the operation of the machine into the sequence of the production line as well as the machine sequence of operation

* Optional: Pneumatic actuation of upper pinch roll to minimize product application edge overflow on leading and trailing edges

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