Diamond Tooling

For more than 35 years, Glassline Corporation has been serving manufacturers in the automotive, architectural, appliance, furniture, ceramic and stone industries with precision-made diamond tools. Our product line includes diamond wheels, core drills, seamers, countersinks and redress equipment, from the smallest to the largest of parts - all meeting quality standards set directly by our customers and fully guaranteed.

Glassline's Diamond Tool Division was founded with the mission of producing high-quality, reasonably priced products, providing our customers with the best value in the marketplace --earning the loyalty of seasoned glass fabricators with our reliability, integrity, performance and superior life-cycle economies.

Most importantly, Glassline partners with each of its customers to design and build innovative solutions to meet the unique requirements of each customer's processing environment. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have built with world class customers, working together to create new products or product features to fulfill processing requirements.

Glassline diamond products are designed and fabricated in our Perrysburg, Ohio facility, just outside of Toledo (60 minutes south of Detroit). With more than 95,000 square feet dedicated to engineering, fabricating, machining and assembly operations, we can design and build the exact tool to fit your processing needs.


The latest in high quality equipment - including CNC machining centers, computerized balancing machines, laser marking, and SPC measuring devices -- ensures top quality and uniform tools.

We consistently stock a large supply of standard diamond products. We have wheels ready for immediate shipment, as well as pre-machined blank wheels ready for your special profiling requirements

Additional value-added services make Glassline your best overall resource

  • Redress
  • We provide complete redress (re-profiling) services including electro-discharging and abrasive redressing that support product life-cycle economies, while meeting SPC (Statistical Process Control) initiatives. Re-profiling, even multiple times, can allow your tools to be brought back to the specific diamond surface shape requirements of your tooling needs.

  • Wear Reporting
  • Our optional redress tracking program will measure wear between each re-profiling to facilitate better maintenance and part reinvestment planning.

  • Stocking Programs
  • We maintain a large inventory of standard list products, available immediately. We can also establish a stocking and shipping program to match a specific customer need. We will establish a schedule for manufacture and delivery of custom tools on a weekly or monthly timeline, matching delivery to your manufacturing process with just-in-time (JIT) service.

  • Laser Engraving
  • All Glassline diamond tools are identified by size and part with laser engraving. We can also custom engrave tools with internal customer identification numbers to seamlessly integrate Glassline tools in your company inventory process.

  • Color Coding
  • In addition, Glassline will also color code our diamond tools - especially valuable on core drills - to aid in the quick identification of the right part size for your machining needs

  • Special Packaging
  • All Glassline diamond products are packaged to protect the diamond surface during storage and shipping. However, we can develop customer-specific packaging requirements to meet specific customer or facility needs.

  • Emergency Service Requests
  • We make a special effort to assist customers with critical delivery requirements or special product needs, even if we are not your current supplier.