Edge Grinding Machines for Shapes

One of Glassline's main specialties is the production of precision CNC Edge Grinding machines for shaped glass. Having launched our CNC machinery production more than 20 years ago for the automotive industry, we have extensive experience in order to provide you a very precise, repeatable glass grinding process. Our CNC Controls have been developed specifically for glass grinding, and therefore have application specific screens and parameters, which are easier to use than other off-the-shelf CNC controls. The CNC Controls are Windows Based, with a touch screen interface. Commercially available hardware is used in order to provide longevity of availability, at reasonable cost.

We have many different grinding system styles to choose from, in order to serve our Customers' varied needs. All machines can be sold as stand-alone machines, can be automatically loaded / unloaded, or can be placed into a complete cutting, breaking, grinding, drilling processing system. Glassline doesn't force you to pay for options that you don't require. You may pick and choose from an extensive list of options.

Cam Grinders

An older style of machine, not CNC, which uses a cam machined to the shape of the glass. The glass is rotated, and a pneumatically powered arm, with grinding spindle, follows the contour of the cam to grind the glass edge. A clamping mechanism is also included, as well as coolant collection.

Polar CNC Shape Grinders - all with clamping

The glass part is held onto a precision rotation axis, while the spindle axis moves laterally relative to the glass, thus providing a two-dimensional grinding path, which is interpolated via Glassline's Windows™ based CNC Controls. Coolant collection is included, therefore keeping the area clean for easier maintenance. Many options are available. The machine is well suited for small parts since a clamping mechanism is included as an additional means to hold the glass, in addition to vacuum. The machine is also cost effective and therefore well applied in many different markets including Automotive, Marine, Furniture, Appliance, Residential, RV, etc.

  • Model D6005 - Available in nominal 40" and 65" maximum part diagonal
  • Model D6052 - Polar Grinder with Index Table especially suited for small parts - Available in nominal 24" and 40" maximum part diagonal
  • Model D6056 - Dual Head Polar grinder - Available in nominal 40", 65" and 100" maximum part diagonal

Customization of the above size limits is available

XYZ Style CNC Grinder (X axis Table travel, Y axis Spindle travel, Z Coolant Guard Rotation)

A precision CNC Grinder proven in a Pilkington study to be the most accurate in the world. The machine provides some advantages over polar style of machines which can have part limits related to length and width ratios, and outside radii (obtuse angle). The glass is held onto a linearly driven vacuum table. The grinding spindle is mounted onto a linearly driven bridge carriage. These two axes are interpolated by the Glassline CNC controls based on the two-dimensional shape program. A third rotational axis is required to orient the coolant guard to the glass. Multiple vacuum table styles are available. Coolant collection is included, therefore keeping the area clean for easier maintenance. The system is highly regarded in the automotive industry for accurate grinding of thin windshields, as well as backlites and sidelites. Other industries also utilize the machine, such as the marine glass, residential glass for shaped mirrors, etc.

Model D6026 - XYZ CNC Grinder - Available in nominal 40" x 60", 50" x 80", 60" x 90", 90" x 90" sizes and custom sizing is available.


Gantry Style Grinders - Fixed Table, Moving Bridge

Glass is held to a fixed vacuum platform. The grinding spindle is attached to a bridge-carriage moving around the part in X and Y according to the shape program. The system lends itself well to products that require multiple grinding and polishing passes, for the furniture market, as a tool changer is easily integrated on the machine.

Model D8003- Gantry Bridge Grinder - Available in nominal 60" x 96"

(custom sizing is available).

Combination Machines

The model D6005-38 Combo CNC Grinder / Drill is a Polar style of machine, similar to the above CNC Polar Grinder D6056, with the addition of drill heads mounted opposite to the grinding head. Therefore on the same machine after edge grinding, without further setup, multiple holes can be drilled in the part in various programmed positions. The machine is well suited for short production runs of shaped parts which have multiple holes.