Model 2335 Shape Seamer


Standard CNC machines have certain drawbacks that increase production costs: they require precision cutting tolerances and precision part squaring, tool wear must be closely monitored, frequent stoning is required to maintain tolerances, etc.

The Model 2335 CNC High Speed Edge Seamer has been developed for various glass markets requiring shaped parts which may not require a pencil edge (SAE #1) profile, but do require a seamed edge (SAE #3 or #4) for handling safety. Even when cutting accuracy is poor, the Model 2335 provides the ability to seam these parts at a very fast rate. The system can be provided with one or two diamond wheel heads depending on the required production rate.

The Model 2335 can be configured as a stand-alone, manually loaded system, with a manual load table and load/unload shuttles, or Glassline can provide a complete system, including cutting and breaking systems to cut parts down from raw blocks into small shapes.



  • PC based CNC control system with Windows XP and color touchscreen operator interface
  • Integrated Vacuum part holding
  • Compliant grinding heads with automated pressure adjustment control


  • Winshape – CNC Shape Control Software
  • High pressure blower/plenum water/mist collection system
  • Automatic load/unload shuttles
  • Manual or automatic setup squaring station
  • Automatic cut, break systems for rectangles and shapes