CNC Combo Waterjet / Drill

The CNC Combo Waterjet / Drill machine was designed for the specific needs of door fabricators, providing a more efficient means of notch, cutout, and hole production. Proven waterjet technology is utilized for fast cutting of all types of notches. The waterjet system eliminates dependence on diamond tooling quality and issues resulting from tool wear, and provides the flexibility to cut notches at different feed rates to produce the edge quality required. If finished edge work of the notch is required to meet end use requirements, or for improved tempering yield, an optional grinding spindle can be fitted to the machine.

Another outstanding feature is the ability to drill as many holes as desired, anywhere around the perimeter of the part, without additional setups, eliminating the movement of parts between machines required of conventional fabrication processes. The drilling system has top and bottom spindles to ensure the highest quality holes. Up to two different drill heads can be installed for drilling two different diameter holes within one part.



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