Over the years, many companies have come to Glassline for help in solving their unique requirements. Special glass processing and handling systems are our forte, but our engineering capabilities extend beyond glass. Some examples of custom machines that we have designed include:

  • CNC Edge Deletion for SOLAR panels
  • In-line Edge Deletion Systems for coated glass
  • Wet powder spray systems for automotive glass
  • Milk pouch, straw cutting and insertion machines
  • Wooden sign CNC router
  • Racks for Granite slabs
  • Food Processing Equipment

Build to Customer Prints

With our large fabrication, machining, and assembly capabilities in house, we are able to provide competitive pricing on systems built to Customer drawings. Some examples of systems that have been built to our Customer prints include:

  • Windshield Press Bending System
  • Inspection Index Tables
  • Bent Windshield, Sidelite, and Backlite Squaring Tables
  • Robot End-of-Arm Tooling
  • Float Bath Stirrers
  • Racks

Other Manufacturing Services

  • Fabrication of parts (mild steel, aluminum, stainless)
  • Machining of parts (nearly any material required)
  • Fabrication and / or Machining of large weldments (bases, beams, etc.)
  • Sandblasting
  • Painting
  • Balancing

Field Service

  • Rebuilds
  • Maintenance procedure assessment and assessment of replacement parts requirements
  • Calibration and Precision Alignment services
  • Installation and startup of Glassline equipment and retrofits

Electrical Engineering and Related Services

CNC Retrofits

Glassline uses commercially available hardware for ease in replacement. We do not rely on a single CNC hardware supplier, which could lead to higher cost of replacement parts and limited availability. Using commercially available PC based control hardware provides for wide availability, competitive pricing, and assurance that these products will be available and easily obtainable for many years. We currently are using Microsoft Windows (tm) operating system. The Windows interface is familiar to most users and therefore is very operator friendly.

Available services:


  • Digitizing
  • Shape programming (CNC cutting, grinding path generation)
  • PLC Programming (Allen Bradley, Yaskawa Motion Controls, others)
  • Operator Interface programming

Controls and Panel Design

Diamond Product Redress Services

see Diamond Product page for other services