Edge Deletion Systems

Glassline has several different models of Edge Deletion equipment.

Automatic Abrasive Wheel Edge Deletion Systems (Dry)

Sputter coated products, such as low E, can be edge deleted with an abrasive wheel. Glassline offers two types of systems:

  • CNC Edge Deletion
  • An edge deletion head is mounted to a CNC bridge. The unit can be a dedicated unit for edge deletion, or can be added to a CNC Cutting machine.

    Double Edger Style Edge Deletion

    For products that are already cut to size, or exiting directly out of the coater to size, this style of system lends itself well to the high speed capability. Four edges are processed at one time. The Edge Deletion system can be configured as desired, either in a typical L pattern, or In-Line.

Diamond Wheel Edge Deletion Systems (Wet)

For coatings that are bonded to the glass, some amount of the glass itself must be removed in order to lower the conductivity to desired levels. Glassline can integrate a diamond edge deletion wheel into a Double Edge Grinder or Seamer for this purpose. Alternative, lower volume / cost solutions can also be provided.


Manual Edge Deletion Systems (abrasive wheel)

Glassline can provide Manual Edge Deletion systems to suit your needs:

  • Fixed Abrasive Head with Castor Tables
  • 2-Sided Traveling Abrasive Head System (fixed vacuum table)

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