Horizontal High Speed Seaming System

Similarly built to our HE style of machines, periphery-profile diamond wheels are used to grind the glass edges. The design utilizes a specially designed head that allows a very light grind pressure to be applied. The heads therefore can provide a consistent seam even on glass that is not necessarily cut well. A pressure as light as about 3 psi can be applied for a very light seam of the top and bottom edges of the glass side/top and side/bottom interface. The machine can process glass as fast as 30m/min. Heavier pressures can be applied for heavier seams, and different wheel profiles can be used to produce up to a #1 pencil edge. Complete systems are normally sold in order to seam all four sides. This includes a 90 Degree Drop Transfer, or In-Line transfer. Glassline can also provide additional handling equipment such as transfers, conveyors, nudging systems, logo markers, etc. to feed your tempering furnace.

Glassline's machines are a cut above the competition. There are many features that provide our Customers excellent value. For example, our compliant grinding heads allow our Customers to minimize stock removal to only what is required, reducing waste, and lowering their costs. We utilize linear rails and bearings for the adjustment of our spindle base width, whereas most of our competitors utilize cam rollers. The rails, along with double lead screws, ensure a longer life and more precise adjustment. See our Double Edger Features and Benefits page for a complete list.

Our edger platform is designed such that we can provide various sizes, configurations, options, etc. to serve the tremendous variation in Customer requirements in the various glass markets. The attached worksheet may be filled out and faxed or e-mailed back to Glassline in order to help us provide you a quotation for a system that matches your requirements: Seaming System Specification / RFQ worksheet.


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