Glassline Model 10-148 or 10-170 Cam Style Rotary Grinder


The Glassline Cam Grinder has been a popular machine worldwide for many years. A less expensive, and simpler, alternative to CNC machines, the Glassline Cam Grinder has proven itself a workhorse, producing millions of parts. Glassline's heavy-duty design is apparent. Many machines have been in operation for decades.

The machines consist of a main base in which a rotating table is housed. Cantilevered from the rear of the base to a position over the table is a bracket which houses a large bore clamp cylinder to hold the glass as it is being ground. A pivot post attached to the side of the base holds the main spindle arm. The spindle arm is made in two sections so that the diamond wheel may be retracted to unload and load parts and advance for grinding. The 10 degree cam follower roller remains in contact with the cam at all times. The advance and retract motions are air cylinder actuated. A barrel type, precision grinding spindle is mounted to the spindle arm and an adapter for 9-3/4 inch diamond wheels is furnished. To adjust the height of the diamond wheel when centering the groove on the glass part, a fine threaded adjustment screw mounted in bearings.

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