CNC Glass Cutting Machines

GLASSLINE CNC Cutters feature a PATENTED CUTTING HEAD with a direct drive system that eliminates belts and gears, improving accuracy. and reducing maintenance costs.


Standard Cutting Head

2-axis Combo CNC Cut & Breakout Head

  • The direct drive unit eliminates mechanical backlash in a belt and gear driven system
  • Cutting pressure is regulated by the CNC system via a servo valve, allowing for fully programmable pressures throughout the cut. This allows cut pressure to be optimized based on shape and speed
  • A digital readout is also provided
  • A special sensor is used to monitor if the wheel is on the glass, which can save damage to the cutting head
  • Specially designed mounting to enable easier calibration
  • McInnis brand precision tool holder
  • Specially designed cutting oil delivery system including a check valve located at the cutting head to reduce waste

Glassline has spent many years developing and improving their CNC control algorithms for glass processing applications, providing a highly accurate user friendly, and feature rich system.