CNC X-Y Shape Grinders

Model 6026

The D6026 CNC machine is one model within the X-Y-style of grinding platforms. It is especially suited for medium and large-sized shaped glass from various markets such as automotive, solar, appliance, furniture, architectural, etc. The X-Y platform is especially noteworthy in its extremely good accuracy and repeatability, and it is nearly limitless on the shapes that can be processed.

The standard machine, is a three axis machine, with a linear, ball screw-driven, glass support table axis, a linear, ball screw-driven spindle axis, and a rotary coolant guard axis. The two main axes work together via the CNC system to provide a 2D path to grind virtually any shape. The rotary coolant guard axis rotates the coolant guard to orient the slot to the grind point. There are various options for the glass support table: a fixed vacuum chuck, a vacuum-cup array, and adjustable vacuum cups. This provides the Customer an option of selecting the most appropriate holding means.


  • Vertical (Z) axis for auto-thickness change
  • Automatic or Semi-automatic Wheel Change
  • Automatic Wheel Stoning
  • Glassline WinShape Software for CNC Grinder Path Generation
  • Automatic Reference System with Automatic Grinder Load/Unload Shuttles
  • In-line Systems with Cutting / Break-out
  • Multiple Table or Spindle Axis


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