Glassline Shapefit for Windows 2-D CAD Package

Shapefit for Windows is a 2-D CAD package, used for the creation of G-Code files for CNC machines. Shapefit comes in four varieties, Lite, Standard, Nest optimized, and Nest Optimized with order management. A demo version is also available, which is a full version except does not allow saving files or outputting G-code.

Common Shapefit features include:

  • DXF import and export
  • Configurable for multiple CNC machine support. Charges may apply.
  • Easy to output G-Code. Select the machine and press output.
  • Curve Fitting - converts a series of digitized straight lines into a series of lines and arcs. The con- version creates a shape that optimizes the number of segments and insures that every segment is tangent without changing the position of the digitized points.

Layer based

  • Each layer can be used for a different machine for the same shape
  • Different layers can be different shapes for nest cutting
  • Layers can be turned on and off for G-Code output
  • Each layer has its own block, which is used for generating relief cuts, and nest cutting layout.
  • Layers can be ordered to select the cut order for nested programs.
  • Configurable locator system for use with Glassline locator tables.

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