Diamond Wheels

The Profile drawings and part number prefix chart shows our standard wheel profiles; however, our capabilities include any and all decorative profiles.

Glassline Diamond Wheels are produced to deliver:

  • Fast Break-In
  • Precision Finishing
  • High-End Performance
  • Long Life-Cycle, and The Best Value in the industry

Our wheels are custom manufactured for your specific application with a bonding system engineered for the best quality edge and longest life. See our standard wheel profiles with the Glassline part number prefix below. This includes a list of standard profiles; our capabilities include any and all decorative profiles.

Wheels are available with all industry profile edges (types 1, 2 ,3 ,4) - pencil, seamed, high or low polish, and combinations of polished / unpolished edges. Blank diamond-surfaced wheels are available for custom profiling.

High Speed (HS) and Extra Life (XL) grinder wheel formulations are available as required by customer specific end use.

Bore holes are manufactured to meet customer specification, and are available tapered and with or without a key way.




Typical Part Number Nomenclature